(Formerly China Bowl)

Fine Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar
Distinctive Cuisine of China

1940 Piner Road
Santa Rosa, California

707 570-0688

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Fuji (formerly China Bowl) opened for business in November 2002. It is a compact restaurant with authentic Japanese and Chinese décor.

The chefs are creative in their cooking and artistic with presentation, believing that food should appeal to more than just the sense of taste.

"In addition to having good flavor, we believe our dishes should be fragrant, colorful and attractive. In our single meal, the various foods have contrasting textures, and the flavors maintain a balance between strong and subtle, spicy and bland."

"We hope our careful preparation and cooking stand out above the rest and offer a refreshing change." Ming and Calvin

Open Everyday from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Sushi Chef Trained in Japanese Tradition
Oysters in the Shell, Sashimi, Bento

Award Winning
Chinese Chef
Mango Prawns, Lemon Chicken, Spicy Black Bean Salmon

The Fuji Cuisine represents delicious innovations.
Ming and Calvin use only the freshest ingredients when preparing dishes.

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Flower Icon Organic tofu and seasonal organic vegetables
Flower Icon All seafood is from the ocean
Not from farms, no hormones, no antibiotics
Flower Icon Special homemade sauces with no colors added - Our sweet & sour sauce is freshly made using orange, lemon, pineapple, tomato and brown sugar with no food color added
Flower Icon 100% premium canola oil in all our fried and sauteed dishes
Flower Icon No MSG and no food coloring is added to our cooking
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